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Welcome to the project »Listening With Subtitles Online«!

Within a short time, you can request webpages to display additional text (subtitles) while listening to audio files (mp3, wma, rm, ...).

On the one hand, this feature is for hard of hearing people who can still perceive audible impressions of a radio program. On the other hand the subtitles are also suitable for texts heard during songs, operas, etc. and last but not least for translations into other languages.

We decided to implement this project using HTML and DOM/JavaScript because this technologies are platform independant, common and do not require any additional software installation.

Interested people can make use of our program to input, temporarily save and of course playback subtitles/texts.

The website itself is under construction. Work on contents and subtitles for some radio-programs is still in progress.

You can check out the Freak-Radio short-trailer for a preview.(new window, german)

Transcribed texts and programmes

Playback Version: The Textparts will be displayed synchronously to the audio file. Good choice for reading while listening. The audiofile is embedded and should not start automatically.
If playing starts automatically, please stop the audioplayer (bar at bottom) and rewind the file. If the text is started, playback will start after 3 seconds. The audioplayer should be started when time is at »0:00«.

Available Texts was developed by Freak-Radio
 and has been sponsored by Internet Privatstiftung Austria.