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Something about us

Freak-Radio is an Austrian radio project arranged by people with and without disabilities.

Previously broadcasted on medium waveband 1476 kHz, since January 1st, 2009 the program is transmitted exclusively via Real Audio Live-Stream: (opens in a new window).

You can listen to Freak-Radio every Sunday and Tuesday from 8:30 PM to 9:00 PM and every second Tuesday of the month from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM.

Separate broadcasts you have missed out on are also available for free download:


In general Freak-Radio is available in German only. One Magazine in 2005, January 30th, was broadcasted in English.

Magazine Program (in cooperation with students of the Lisa Meitner Realgymnasium-Vienna)

If you are interested in our Project, if you have news or information which might be of interest please contact us: Mail to the Editor

Freak-Radio counteracts the image of the disabled people as »poor things« who are not able to help themselves. Main topics are life and lifestyle of people with disabilities, as well as political issues such as »self determined living«, etc...

Freak - up to date: Here you can read articles referring to different topics:

Let´s dance! The DanceAbility method

Reading in stead of listening: Here you can read transcriptions of our documentaries:

Assistance in Austria

Magazine Program: Move Barriers

Listening with Subtitles Online

MP3 with subtitles 

Transcribed texts and programmes

Playback Version:

The text parts will be displayed synchronously to the audio file. Good choice for reading while listening. The audiofile is embedded and should not start automatically. If playing starts automatically, please stop the audioplayer (bar at bottom) and rewind the file. If the text is started, playback will start after 3 seconds. The audioplayer should be started when time is at »0:00«. 

Assistance in Austria

Magazin Program: Lisa Meitner-school